Herring 4


When people from Western Møn went to Stege with commodities, they had to cross a bridge to get through the castle and then again over a second bridge to get into town. Before the feudal position ended in 1663, they also had to go through the home farm as their goods were to be inspected and examined by the castle ward and his officers. This occurred because the goods first and foremost had to be offered to the castellan of the castle. Only what he would not buy was then transported to the market in town.

This could only happen via the street leading from the castle grounds which was back then named ‘Town Street’. This street is now called Rosengårdsstræde after the merchant Rosengård, who had a merchant house in the strait.

Pass Rosengårdsstræde and continue on Søndersti until you reach the municipal parking lot.

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