Herring 24

Fog's House, old merchant house

For many years, the Fog’s house and courtyard belonged to the merchant Carøe. Here, a grocery store was situated, and these buildings belonged to the big yellow Kammerådsgård on the other side of the town square where the merchant lived with his family. In the yard behind the house you would find piles of coal and iron. Next to the shop, the grocer had an office. Here, during the early 1900s, by-passers could observe an older gentleman wearing black sleeve protectors and a green sunshade, standing up at a writing desk, writing in a very large book. It was the bookkeeper, keeping the accounts.

Inside the courtyard you will see a large gray building, built as a warehouse and later used as a power plant, the first in Stege town. In the 1990s, this building was renovated and turned into apartments with a beautiful view of Stege Nor. In most of the apartments the old beams are still visible.

Return to Storegade again, cross the street and feel free to take a look at the Middle Ages information post showing where and how the old town hall was located in the square. Now, go to Torvestræde, located to the left of Møns Bank.

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