Herring 3

Yellow warehouse, built in 1855

This warehouse was built in 1855 by merchant Anton Wulff. Back then, the merchant’s house consisted of the land from Storegade 18 to Søndersti 2 (the warehouse). It is a typical example of the extensions of the long, narrow plots that exist in almost the entire town within the embankment. In 1936, the warehouse was classified as an independent property and today it houses beautiful, classic apartments.

Now, a very pleasant and provincial stroll starts as you continue to Søndersti, which divides the land plots of the properties in the South-eastern side of Storegade (even numbers). As such, all the commercial properties on this side of Storegade come with various sized beach gardens and wonderful views to the cove at Stege Nor. It is an experience one can hardly imagine when shopping in the high street.

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