Herring 28

Provstestræde, Old street with a distinctive course

Provstestræde was originally just a modest and narrow passage along the church wall. It is, with its distinctly sloping path and its cobbles, probably the street that reminds us most of the old Stege town. The house with Herring no. 28 was newly built in 2001. Before that it was an old house used for bottle collection. Before this, the house was used as an ice-storage for the slaughterhouse in the connecting house, built in 1853. The half-timbered building, leading to the house on the corner of Store Kirkestræde, was built in the middle of the 1700’s. Around 1800 it was used for housing, distillery and horse stabling. In the 1800’s, Stege was probably a rather lively town, considering the many distilleries!

Continue on Provstestræde and up to Store Kirkestræde, where you turn right

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