Herring 15

Stege’s oldest street

Now you are standing exactly where Stege in the 1100s originated as a small fishing village on the king's grounds around a boatyard at the deep bridge. The fishing village gradually grew east towards Dybsbrostræde, which is Stege’s oldest street. Formerly, the street ended with a bridge and an entrenchment as depicted in both Dahlberg and Resens old maps and on the information sign at the harbour.

Dybsbrostræde seems always to have had distinctive structure, the northern side being closely constructed with residential houses, while the rear of the parsonage and its home farm on the south face their backs to the street.

Stege has experienced extensive damage from fires. The worst fire started on May 23, 1774 and within two days no less than 112 houses were left in ruins. Notice the house in no 24, which was just built in 1774; a typical  example of the classical buildings of the time (which in Copenhagen are still called 'conflagration houses') Its beautiful and respectfully renovated facade indicates its age.

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