Herring 19


In the early Middle Ages, this street only led from the town’s main square and halfway towards the ramparts. Due to its short stretch, Skammestræde was made an interesting partner to the long street of Langestræde.

Now, turn right and follow the row of houses untill Rådhusgade 11, which were all restored after the fire in 1774. Older people in Stege can still remember no. 5, where Bodil Stine Pedersen had a little store selling quick scripted ballads and books of dreams. But the most interesting for the children back then was that she kept a monkey! Notice that the facade of the house still indicates that there once was a shop here.

Just before reaching the town square, you pass a building where you can still see windows with bars. These windows were located in the prison belonging to the Town Hall and Police Station. These days, a cozy café and a very famous chocolatier’s workshop reside in the old prison.

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